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Instant Work Flow

Monday - September 11th 2017

How do I have 4,000 stylized photos for the client to preview within a week of their event or wedding? It’s actually pretty simple I’ll walk you through my work flow.



Most of you know about batch editing but with batch editing you need to still edit your photos individually to even out exposure. I’ve learned recently the quick develop tool. I use to find myself adding my personal presets and auto toning every image when shooting events of course with some tweaks here and there but for the most part if it was shot in camera properly, you’re image is going to look fine in post and auto tone is enough to balance out any imperfections. This is not a savings grace though you still have to put in the work and edit your photos for the end product but it’s enough so people can see their photos and have them look presentable.


I use to have clients reaching out to me complaining that they remember me taking a specific photo and asking for me to search for it. Depending on your memory this could take some time. Time you may or may not have. Lightroom has a secret. It hidden in the Lightroom mobile collections. You can create a collection put it under Lr mobile and “make public”



 then you can share the link with your client and they can “like” and comment on the photos within the collection. Now I give out a set number of images and the rest are either extra or not included but the amount I give is honestly more than enough. I got the number by selecting the best photos out of the sum 4,000 photos i get from a wedding and the average amount I deem acceptable. Is usually plenty. They don't need too many duplicates or photos of your assistants and 2nd shooter.












Now I allow the client to pick out all their photos or simply just “like“ their favorite ones and I’ll pick out the rest. I find this method lets the client rest easy knowing they didn’t miss out on anything and allows them to see  their photos in record breaking time.


This does have some drawbacks which I’ll address


#1 the client can’t save the photos from the gallery but they can screenshot them..  Now what I do is I ask them politely if they mind not screenshotting the photos being that might reflect badly on me  with the degraded quality. I find that usually deters people. However if they do post them it’s not the end of the world.. They just shared one of their favorite photos and may or may not have tagged you but you’re getting that publicity regardless. What I do is go through the photos and pick out my top 5-6 photos and edit them for the client to post.


#2 is there is no way to select only the photos the client clicked “like” on. But i discovered a work around. A rather inexpensive workaround. A plugin called “Any Comment” by John Rellis. It’s really brilliant I’m surprised Lightroom doesn't already allow you to filter by “like” or comment but “Any comment” does just that. There is endless reason why this would be useful especially with large events. It’s a little complicated at first but once you get it your work flow becomes so much smoother. Then there is

#3  this one is straight forward, you are showing the client every pretty much every photo that was taken. But just be professional and you have nothing to worry about.


New Jeresey Photographer /  Timeline Images / Tristate NJ
New Jeresey Photographer /  Timeline Images / Tristate NJ

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