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Faster editing

Monday - September 11th 2017

So I’ve always been a speed editor. I would have photos from TFP shoots the day of in most scenarios.I like to send a jpeg to my phone to edit during weddings so the bride and groom have something to post the say of their wedding.  Ill share a few tricks and tips to editing faster.


Less Is More.

Pick less photos, only pick your favorites. In lightroom I give every photos I like 5 stars and then go back through and flag only my absolute favorites and often edit just those. You don’t need 5 different shots from the same angle. When you or anyone else is only going to post one.


Batch Edit.

 After you’ve edited your absolute favorites you can go back and batch edit the photos from the same lighting and angle as the ones you’ve chosen.  Ill explain how to batch edit in a future post.


Get it right In Camera.

 You can’t always fix it in post. I take pride in making sure every photo is exposed properly and in focus. It is vital that you shoot for the edit. In both filmmaking and photography. For instance; if you want your highlights you one, need to know your dynamic range and two, you need to underexpose slightly to keep those highlights. Digital photography handles shadows way better then highlights. You have a better chance saving your shadows then you do a blown out images. FIlm handles highlights better than shadows  and apparently so does Medium format though I’ve never had the chance to shoot with that medium of photography. If you manage to expose right you won’t be playing with the exposure in post. If you take time to frame your shots perfectly you won’t be playing with the crop tool. It’s good practice to get it right in camera even if you are a talented editor.


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